Dear friends,

My wife Nancy and I are long-time citizen activists. We have always had a passion for our community. Nancy serves as the Executive Director of an organization that supports non-profit agencies.

For many years, I served as an Executive Director of the Fremont Public Association (now known as Solid Ground), helping tens of thousands of low-income people every year. I also served as Speaker of the Washington House of Representatives, where I led the longest Democratic majority in state history. Together, we made historic gains in access to healthcare, funding for transit, investment in public education, and so much more.

As your State Representative, I am working hard to carry out a progressive agenda for the people of our District and Washington State which includes:

  • Funding Basic Education
  • Promoting Opportunity for All
  • Ensuring Health Care for All
  • Strengthening the Safety Net
  • Providing Affordable Housing
  • Standing up for Working People
  • Protecting the Environment

With your help, we can enact real progressive change and pass common sense progressive policies for the common good. It has been an honor to serve as your representative and I ask for your continued support.

— Frank Chopp

More about me…

I grew up in a close-knit family in Bremerton, Washington. My parents met on a picket line outside the coal mines in Roslyn, Washington, where my Dad started working at age 12. They grew to hate how the coal companies treated their workers, and after years of strikes, my parents moved to Bremerton. My Dad got a job as a union electrician in the Bremerton Naval Shipyard and my Mom worked in a public school cafeteria.

Throughout my career, I have always against poverty and for working families. After graduating from the University of Washington, I worked as a community organizer fighting for a wide array of human services, health care programs, and affordable housing. These passions led me to serve for many years as Executive Director of the Fremont Public Association (now known as Solid Ground). At these and other non-profit organizations, I was able to help tens of thousands of low-income people every year.

After many years at the Fremont Public Association, I ran for the legislature to advocate for working families and social justice. As Speaker of the Washington House of Representatives, I led the longest Democratic majority in state history. Together, we made historic gains in access to healthcare, passed record investments in education, public transit, and affordable housing, repealed DOMA, and enacted landmark reforms to law enforcement and our state’s anti-discrimination laws.


Affordable Housing

  • Co-founded Washington State’s Housing Trust Fund, which has invested over a billion dollars in affordable, non-profit housing across the state, including 100 apartment buildings in and close to the 43rd District.
  • Initiated the Home and Hope project, which has acquired over 20 major public properties for building hundreds of units of affordable housing in Seattle.
  • Co-founded the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) which has developed thousands of non-profit, rent restricted apartment units.
  • Co-founded the Seattle Tenants Union to advocate for and educate renters on their rights.

Survival Services

  • Organized and co-chaired the Coalition for Survival Services, an alliance of 50 community health clinics, emergency shelters, and food banks, which acquired millions of dollars for a Survival Services Fund.
  • Initiated and oversaw the development of the Food Resources Network to organize public and private support for food banks, including a Baby Boost program which provides new mothers and infants with proper nutrition.
  • Expanded and oversaw the operations of the Fremont Food Bank, which served thousands of hungry people each year.
  • Co-initiated and operated two shelter programs, the Broadview Emergency Shelter, and the Family Shelter Program, serving over 1000 homeless people each year.

Health and Long-term Care

  • Initiated and implemented Apple Health for All Kids, providing free, single-payer healthcare to half of all young people in Washington State (including undocumented kids).
  • Passed Cascade Care, the first state-level public option in the nation, to provide an alternative to private health insurance plans.
  • Enacted best in the nation legislation for paid family leave and long term care trusts.
  • Sponsored and operated an AIDS Home Care Project at the Fremont Public Association, providing assistance to hundreds of people with AIDS in King County.
  • Organized the successful $1.4 million grant application (working with the Seattle-King County Health Department) for a Health Care for the Homeless Project.

Combating Climate Change

  • Passed the 100% Clean Electricity Mandate – one of the strongest clean energy transition mandates in America.
  • Raised taxes on oil companies to increase the clean-up of toxic sites through the Model Toxics Control Act.
  • Enacted legislation to strengthen energy codes for buildings to reduce emissions and improve efficiency.
  • Enacted legislation to ban the use of several toxic chemicals including PFAS and hydrofluorocarbons, two major greenhouse gases.

Racial Justice

  • Passed legislation to put Initiative 970 on the ballot, which increased police accountability by making it easier to prosecute police misconduct.
  • Enacted legislation to eliminate the use of juvenile detention for non-criminal behavior.
  • Enacted the Dream Act and Dream Act 2.0 to provide financial aid to undocumented students, including free college and university tuition.

LGBTQ+ Rights

  • Created the first LGBTQ State Commission in 2019 to ensure state government is inclusive and equitable.
  • Enacted legislation to help prevent bullying of transgender students in public schools
  • Enacted legislation to ban LGBTQ+ discrimination in healthcare plans
  • Passed the Reproductive Parity Act to require health insurers to cover reproductive healthcare.
  • Enacted legislation to ban so-called “conversion therapy.”

Welfare & Social Services

  • Proposed a Community Jobs program to help thousands of welfare recipients find employment at non-profit agencies across Washington.
  • Enacted “Breakfast After the Bell” to provide nutritious food for low-income students.
  • Provided sponsorship and acquired funding for the state-wide Welfare Reform Coalition, which advocated for the poor at the State Legislature.
  • Co-Initiated the Fremont Legal Clinic staffed with volunteer attorneys providing legal counseling free of charge to low-income people.

Organized Labor

  • Personally organized three collective bargaining units for office workers, home care workers, and public transit drivers.
  • Built a “Green Power-Blue Collar” coalition of environmentalists and electrical workers to pass landmark clean energy legislation.


  • Authorized the Sound Transit 3 vote, which voters approved to invest $50 billion in new light rail and rapid bus lines across the Puget Sound region.
  • Co-initiated and oversaw the operations of Seattle Personal Transit, which provides transportation for hundreds of low-income elderly and people with disabilities.
  • Organized opposition to the original, now discredited plan for the West Seattle Freeway in 1974, collecting over 20,000 signatures within a month to refer the issue to the voters, and alerting the public to the enormous costs and corruption involved.

Art and Historic Preservation

  • Organized the effort to fund the famous Richard Beyer sculpture, “Waiting for the Interurban,” which has been proclaimed by various media as the most popular public art work in Seattle. Organized several neighborhood art projects including large public murals, “artists-in-residence,” and more in several communities.
  • Initiated and organized the community effort which convinced the City of Seattle to officially designate as a historic landmark, the Fremont Building, which laid the groundwork for the privately-financed restoration of the former hotel.
  • Co-initiated “Citizens for a Better Seattle,” which gained voter approval for a $25 million property tax levy for the new downtown Seattle Art Museum.

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Rep. Frank Chopp Statement on Primary Election Results

Seventy percent of the votes cast are for Democrats, and I am pleased with the strong first place showing we have tonight. I’m proud of the coalition of labor, student, and education groups, pro-choice advocates, and diverse community leaders that have given our campaign great momentum. I look forward to the general election!

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Chopp Announces Plan to Fund Needed Pandemic Response and Community Investments with Progressive Revenue

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"That’s the magic sauce, what Washington’s bill does better than any other state clean energy bill I’ve seen: It aligns the interests of utilities, energy developers, and unions behind the project of equitable decarbonization. They all benefit from it. That makes them allies in the fight,Read More

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5. Progressive Change

5 Progressive Change “Thanks to Frank’s work electing a progressive majority in the legislature, the Washington legislature became the first in the country to repeal the so-called Defense of Marriage Act and enact marriage equality. Frank is a passionate advocate for social justice and civil rights for all.” – Jamie Pedersen, State Senator, 43rd District

4. The Safety Net

4 The Safety Net “Frank always stands up for the most vulnerable in our community. He led the effort to expand services to help the homeless, including saving and reforming the Disability Lifeline program for the mentally ill and others with disabilities.” – Tony Lee, Statewide Poverty Action Network

3. Education

3 Education “Teachers and parents know they have a progressive leader in Frank Chopp for education. He led the way for a new $1.3 billion investment in K-12 Basic Education and he will continue to close tax loopholes and identify new funding sources to meet our obligation to our schools.” – Kate Sipe, teacher at … Continued

2. The Environment

2 The Environment “With Frank’s strong leadership, we passed the toughest laws in the nation banning toxic chemicals. I can always count on Frank to protect our children from toxic toys and our environment from harmful chemicals.” – Laurie Valeriano, environmental health advocate

1. Supporting Working People

1 Supporting Working People “As a community activist and then as a legislator, Frank Chopp played an important role in raising the state minimum wage to the highest in the country. In the legislature, Frank is the leader standing up for working people and a Shared Prosperity agenda — passing paid sick leave, preventing wage … Continued

Seattle’s minimum-wage win spurs talk to target more cities.

Seattle Times – June 4, 2014 Gov. Jay Inslee and House Speaker Frank Chopp, both Democrats, favor raising the state minimum wage to as high as $12 an hour…Chopp vowed to again push a bill to raise the minimum wage to $12 over three years in the next legislative session. Keep reading:

Housing for homeless sought at Sand Point.

Seattle Times – Apr 22, 2014 Organizations that work on behalf of the homeless have created a committee to look at housing options at the Sand Point Naval Station…Frank Chopp and Martha Dilts are leading the committee that’s studying options. Keep reading:

SeaTac minimum wage proposal scores key endorsements.

Seattle Times – September 17, 2013 A proposed $15-an-hour minimum wage for hospitality and transportation workers in SeaTac scored endorsements Tuesday from 20 elected Democrats, including U.S. Rep. Adam Smith, King County Executive Dow Constantine and state House Speaker Frank Chopp. Read more:

SeaTac minimum wage proposal scores key endorsements.

Twenty Democratic officeholders announced their support for a union-backed measure that would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for hospitality and transportation workers in SeaTac. Seattle Times – September 17, 2013 By Amy Martinez Seattle Times business reporter A proposed $15-an-hour minimum wage for hospitality and transportation workers in SeaTac scored endorsements Tuesday from … Continued

Honored to be sole endorsed by @oneamericavotes! I’m so proud of our work together — including passing the #DreamAct and free college for DREAMers.

As COVID disproportionately impacts immigrant communities, I’m working to invest in community childcare providers, expand stimulus for ALL, and more.

To our neighbors who can’t receive federal aid: you could receive up to $1000 in stimulus through the WA COVID Immigrant Relief Fund. Click here:

Washington provides the most stimulus to immigrants in the nation. Just as I lobbied Gov. Inslee for this #DownPayment for immigrant relief, I’ll lobby my colleagues to fund the full $100 million requested by the community.

Today, nurse practitioners endorse my campaign — along with unions representing 50,000+ frontline healthcare workers. Together, we’ll fight for healthcare for all, no matter your income or zip code.

I’ve passed free, single payer healthcare for all low-income kids. With your help, I’ll expand care to all Washingtonians.

This #laborday, I’m reflecting on the positive impact #unions have had on working families.

During COVID, unions have fought for much-needed hazard pay and PPE.

To address climate change, we need unions to help facilitate a just transition to the future green economy.

I’ve worked with unions to raise and minimum wage, enact the 100% Clean Electricity Act, and much more. We’ll keep working together to pass COVID relief and more funding for social services.

I’m proud to be the labor candidate in this race, endorsed by unions representing over 500,000 workers in Washington!

Thrilled to announce the @sierraclubwashingtonstate has endorsed our campaign!

I’ll prioritize an ambitious #climate agenda that builds a fairer economy for us all.

Top of my agenda? Eliminating transportation emissions by electrifying cars & buses, funding public transit, & building transit-oriented, affordable housing.

Over the past several months, I have personally urged @govinslee to provide unemployment aid (direct cash assistance) to our state’s 220,000 undocumented residents.

I'm thrilled that the governor responded to the undocumented community and created this #downpayment for COVID relief!

It’s critical that our progressive state leaders protect immigrant communities and migrant farmworkers, who have disproportionately high rates of COVID-19 and job loss.

I’ll keep advocating with organizations like @oneamericavotes for more aid for our undocumented residents and to protect programs that benefit #undocumented folks — like the Washington College Grant, which provides free and reduced college tuition to thousands of undocumented students.

While we face today’s challenges head-on, we must invest in urgent #ClimateAction.

The climate crisis is already affecting communities across our state, and like every other systemic issue, it’s falling hardest on Native, Black, immigrant, and homeless communities.

We must fight against climate change like our lives depend on it and pass legislation to rapidly reduce our carbon emissions.

I’ve worked hard to pass breakthrough climate legislation, including the 100% Clean Electricity Mandate, which puts Washington on the fastest path in the nation to zero-emission electricity.

I call the coalition we assembled to pass the mandate “Green Power—Blue Collar” because we're made up of environmentalists, labor unions, frontline community leaders, and working families.

Next up: electric vehicle mandates, progressive revenue for public transit, and more. I passed 2019 and 2020’s biggest #climate bills in the state legislature, and I’ll do it again in 2021.

Thank you 43rd district!!

70% of the votes cast in this race are for Democrzatic candidates, and I am pleased with the strong first place showing we have.

In these challenging times voters are clearly responding to the call for progressive leadership that can truly deliver for the priorities of Seattle.

I'm so proud of the coalition of labor, student and education groups, pro-choice and community leaders that have given our campaign this great momentum. I look forward to the general election!

During a global pandemic and economic crisis, cutting bus service would be a gut punch to thousands of working families who rely on #transit every day.

I will work to repeal or overturn the disastrous I-976, which threatens to cut bus service, end the ORCA Lift program, end free transit passes for high school students, and reduce para-transit service for disabled riders.

We should be investing in bus service, which makes our city more affordable and accessible, not cutting it.

Beyond repealing I-976, we need to allow localities to fund transit with progressive revenue. We shouldn't have to choose between a regressive sales tax and a cut to bus service.

When I voted to authorize the Seattle Transportation Benefit District (#STBD), it included a car tab tax -- a progressive revenue source. Tim Eyman's I-976 cut that tax and left us with sales tax as the only mechanism to fund transit. This is unacceptable.

I have a progressive revenues plan to fund housing, healthcare, public health, childcare, & cash assistance for working families.

I will fight for the same for transit. With more progressives in the legislature than ever before, I know we can get it done.

I wear a mask to protect the most vulnerable in our community.

Folks without access to housing & healthcare are most at risk during this pandemic — especially our 10,000+ neighbors who are experiencing homelessness. Wear a mask for them. #MaskUpWA

As #pride month comes to a close, I’m thinking about the incredible progress we’ve made on LGBTQ rights — and I’m reminded of the work we still have to do.

Last year, advocates asked us to ban medical discrimination. I worked with my seatmates Rep. Nicole Macri and Sen. Jamie Pedersen to pass SB 5602 to guarantee access to gender-affirming reproductive healthcare for all Washingtonians.

When advocates asked us to protect transgender students, we passed SB 5689 to ban discrimination based on gender expression in public schools.

And when advocates asked us to improve equity in state government, we established the Washington State LGBTQ Commission.

For all our progress, we must do more to protect the most vulnerable in the #lgbtq community — especially trans women.

Last year, Nikki Kuhnhausen was murdered in Vancouver, WA. She was just 17 years old, and she was one of 330 trans people killed worldwide in 2019.
Our work for justice & civil rights is far from over. I promise to listen to the trans community, work with them to develop policies to protect their lives, & fight like hell to get it passed. #transrightsarehumanrights

Thank you @cmtmosqueda for your support! On affordable housing, expanded childcare, COVID relief, and so many other issues, I’m eager to work together for Seattle’s working families! ...

Let’s reinvest police funding in affordable housing and social services! I raised millions of dollars for the future Youth Opportunity Center at Broadway/Pine, which will create 80 apartments for homeless youth. This type of community investment is a much better use of public funds than using toxic chemicals against peaceful protesters #seattleprotest #capitolhillautonomouszone ...

I strongly support these reforms, proposed by @girmay, and I pledge to work with community leaders to make them happen. We need WAY more funding for housing, homeless services, and our social safety net. Reducing police funding to pay for these priorities shouldn’t be controversial. ...

I pledge to take #NoFossilFuelMoney. Climate change is the defining issue of our time. I will fight for a Clean Fuel Standard, investments in transit, cleanups for toxic sites, and everything else we need to defeat the climate crisis. Join my campaign to say no to the fossil fuel industry and yes to a livable future for us all. ...

I’m running for re-election because we need experienced leadership to fight for our communities.

We have to look out for our most vulnerable neighbors, as I’ve been doing for decades at the Fremont Public Association. Most of all, we need a progressive state government that understands the urgency of this crisis, that rejects austerity, and spends the money needed to protect our health and our economy. I have 20 years of experience leading a Democratic house majority in Olympia. I’ve faced two economic and budget crises in 2000 and 2008. I know how to stand up for our community and fight for a progressive response to this pandemic. Together, we can create a safer, healthier, and fairer Washington for all of us.