» Co-founded the State HOUSING TRUST FUND providing $1 billion for low-income housing, creating thousands of units in 75 nonprofit-managed, affordable apartment buildings in the 43rd District alone.
» Initiated the HOME SECURITY FUND, helping thousands of the homeless with housing and services.
» Co-founded the LOW INCOME HOUSING INSTITUTE and the SEATTLE TENANTS UNION, building affordable housing and fighting for the rights of tenants.


» Helped lead a coalition to INCREASE THE STATE MINIMUM WAGE, to the highest level in the nation and the first with annual increases tied to the cost of living.
» Was an early advocate for a $15 minimum wage and will work to further raise the State minimum wage as part of a SHARED PROSPERITY AGENDA.
» Passed legislation requiring PAID SICK LEAVE, expanding collective bargaining rights, and banning wage theft.


» Created APPLE HEALTH FOR ALL KIDS, covering 800,000 young people, and implemented MEDICAID EXPANSION, including free DENTAL CARE to over 600,000 people.
» Passed the REPRODUCTIVE PARITY ACT, to guarantee health insurance for a woman’s right to choose.
» Created a new COMMUNITY HEALTH COLLEGE, offering degrees and certificates in nursing and other health professions by saving
PACIFIC TOWER for public use.


» Passed a $1.3 billion INVESTMENT IN BASIC EDUCATION, to fully fund the first phase of the McCleary decision, by closing tax loop holes,
increasing taxes on the wealthy, and other progressive revenue.
» Created the EDUCATION LEGACY TRUST FUND by raising taxes on wealthy estates.
» Expanded STUDENT FINANCIAL AID, to among the highest level in the nation, through State Need Grants, College Bound Scholarships, Opportunity Grants, and more.


» Repealed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).
» Worked with a community coalition and enacted the DREAM ACT to provide access to college for young students from new American families.